Friday, September 16, 2022

Friday Favorites

It's been kind of a stressful week, so I'm sharing some happies.

Cute new bracelets from Jordy's business {Jord's Jewels}
I've been painting my nails again.  I love the Olive & June polish with this top coat

The neighborhood championship kickball game.

Mainly Caribbean

 Getting rid of a TON of stuff!  I went from 10+ totes of things down to 2! It felt so good!  Now, working on donating the last two totes!

A photoshoot for Your Travel Hubb

Cullyn's first flag football game of the season, plus a Vikings win {following an Iowa loss}, and our Homecoming game tonight.  Go Braves!
*Photo from our celebratory dinner at Pagliai's afterwards.  The kids love that they can watch them make pizzas and they will throw dough at the window.  I was told yesterday, we must go back because they need to talk to Eli {the guy looking at them in the window, one of the pizza makers-lol!}
 All things fall -- the house, the weather, the bucket list!

Happy Friday everyone!!

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