Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hour by Hour | Spring 2016

Since I always seem to miss the official day in the lift link up, here is a day last week, hour by hour.  

6:30a | I get up to do a little photography work {editing, ordering, & emailing} and 'watch' Chicago Fire that was recorded from earlier in the week.  Adam gets ready for work.

7:30a | The kids wake up and request breakfast.  They both have some eggs, half of a peanut butter bagel, half of a banana, and a few grapes.  Cullyn also eats a granola bar {I fear for high school with this one!} ;)  Adam leaves for work.

8:30a | We're all getting ready.  Jordyn sees me putting makeup on and has to do hers, too.  Sorry about that dirty mirror.  She's spends a lot of time in front of it. ;)

9:30a | We meet friends for playtime at our church which is perfect since it's raining.

10:30a | We stay for Story Hour and crafts which follows playtime.  Cullyn throws a huge meltdown when craft time is over because he isn't ready to be done {sigh}

11:30a | We come home and the kids play in the toy room and then living room while flip laundry, check emails, and make lunch. 

12:20p | We drop Jordyn off to school.  I'm all like 'woohoo! we're 10 minutes early!' only to realize we're actually 20 minutes late! #MomOfTheYear  I realize this half way there, so she literally runs into class. 

Cullyn and I swing by Target to grab a few things {pull ups, dance recital makeup, and some groceries}

1:30p | Cullyn takes a nap while I start a load of dishes, pick up the living room, go through client orders from the lab, and go through 'real job' emails with a Mt. Dew on the deck. 

2:30p | I should be picking Jordyn up from school, but Cullyn is still sleeping and the director of her preschool is amazing, so she drops her off at the house on her way home.  *Trust me, I don't take having Miss Tracey in my tribe lightly, she is seriously an angel sent from God! I use the extra few minutes to switch and put away laundry {again!} and pack the kids for their sleepover with grandma.  When Jordyn comes home, we go out front so she can 'walk her baby' and then do her {self assigned} 'homework' She also talked about her best friend Abby.  When I asked her about Abby, she said YOU mama!  You're my best friend {HEART MELTED!} 

3:30p | I woke Cullyn because I needed to get the kids to my MIL's and back home before my photoshoot.  Cullyn did not like being woke up and was a total grump.  He spotted his cap gun on the way to the car and played with it for a few minutes before leaving. 

5:00 | I drop the kids off and take the scenic route home while listening to a podcast. *Ignore my clock…it keeps slowing down and losing time for some super annoying reason.  Anyone know anything about that?!

6:00p | I'm on my way home and it starts raining super hard.  My client calls to reschedule her session for another night.  Frustrating because I've just taken the kids 60 miles {each day} to their grandma's house at 4p when I could have waited until like 8p, but mother nature just does her own thing, so whatever.  Adam gets off work and meets a client downtown to look over a space for their upcoming band gig. 

6:30p | I get a snap from my niece who has Jordyn at my youngest niece's softball game which brings a smile to my face.  I meet Adam at the house and he asks me to go to Jake's {the bar we used to frequent often before kids} to watch the Cubs game. I'm tired and would prefer to stay in a veg out, going to bed at like 8, but know it will make him happy, so I agree. 

7p | We get to the bar to watch the Cubs and eat a frozen pizza. ;) 

I forgot I was doing this and failed to keep track of what time we got home.  I do know that I went to bed about 37 seconds after we got home! ;)

Just another day in our life these days - you just never know what's going to happen. 

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