Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Post Travel To Do List


If you missed my pre-travel to do list you can check it out here.

Post vacation to do list is much smaller, but here are a few things I do to 're-enter the real world' post vaca...

My post-travel to-do list...


Unload the bags & start the laundry. 
This is pretty self explanatory.  Luckily the kids are old enough now to unpack their bags and put things away.  Admittedly, the kids are much better at unpacking in a timely manor than me. Also, I'm a weirdo and prefer to do laundry ON vacation when possible.  It's just more relaxing for some reason.  Plus, returning home with a suitcase of clean laundry is SUCH A GIFT!

Reset the thermostats.

Even better if you can do this on the app so it's your ideal temp when you return home!

Pick up the pet{s}. 
Typically, Adam picks up the pets while the kids and I unpack and start laundry. 

Fill the fridge. 
If possible, schedule a grocery delivery for a couple of hours after you return home.

Water the plants. 
Inside and out.

Why do showers feel so good when you return home from a trip?!


Pick up your mail.

Schedule your mail to resume the day after you're scheduled to return home.  This also give you a buffer in the event you're delayed for some reason. 

Give yourself a day

If at all possible I schedule a day on the front, AND BACK, end of the trip before returning back to 'real life'.  I LOVE to come home on Saturday so I have a full day Sunday to regroup!

Follow Up

Take the day to follow up on any 'urgent' items from when you were out, but other than that, keep the next week or so as light as possible.  This isn't the time for your elective appointments, save those for a week where you aren't extra tired. 

Things to Do When You Return From Your Next Trip

All good things must come to an end—including trips. Bummer, I know. But the good news is: Your next one could be just around the corner. Instead of waiting (impatiently), there are things that you can do to relive the most beautiful moments from your travels while also setting yourself up for success in the weeks and months to come.

Save and review your favorites

We’ve all been there. We find an amazing restaurant, hotel, or experience, and then when we return to that destination—or give advice to fellow travelers—we can’t remember where or what it was. Save your favorites to Google Maps (or whichever app you use) while they are fresh in your mind. Then, when you return or give someone recommendations, you can spend less time tracking down your picks.

While you’re at it, drop a review if you had a good experience. We all know reviews come in handy for our own trip research—why not make someone else’s research a little easier? Plus, the restaurant, host, or guide receiving the review will really appreciate it.

Claim your miles

You took the flight—make sure it counts. Airline miles are one of the easiest ways to cash in on free or discounted flights later. If you were already a loyalty member of the airline that you flew, ensure those miles posted correctly to your member account. Keep in mind: It can take a few days for them to show up.

If you weren’t a member at the time that you took the flight, many airlines will still allow you to retroactively claim your miles. Rules vary from airline to airline. But generally, you can request your miles 3-14 days after your flight, and you have up to 12 months to claim them. Typically you just need your loyalty program number and ticket number from the flight.

Organize your photos

Immediately after your trip is the best time to take a crack at organizing them—edit, post, and delete duplicates. (Because we could all benefit from a little more phone storage.)

You could even print the photos or make a photo book. It’ll give you a chance to reminisce on all of the good memories before jumping back into the swing of things, and every time that you look at your printed photos or book, you basically get to live your trip all over again.

Plan your next trip

Everyone likes having something to look forward to. And, I would love to help you! :)

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