Friday, September 9, 2022

Houseboat on the Mississippi

We spent last weekend on the Mississippi River on a houseboat with some friends and some friends of friends. ;)  Fun fact, the husband was a former roommate of Adam's when I moved into Adam's condo {15ish years ago!} and his now wife was Jordyn's first dance teacher {& studio owner} when we lived in Ankeny.  Such a small world!  Anyways, it was so fun to reconnect with them, and their three youngest children who my kids fell totally in love with & their friends {who happen to know friends of ours}.  Okay, that was a lot of friend of a friend, and is probably clear as mud!  So, I'll skip to the good part -- the photos!

Details people on Instagram requested::
We rented the houseboat {Thursday through Sunday} from S&S Houseboat Rentals {Lansing, IA}
We {6 adults & 6 kids} slept on the boat
There were 4 bedrooms + a pullout couch & 2 restrooms with showers
They will drive it for you or you can drive it yourself
The cost of the boat, gas, & groceries was approximately {we didn't actually reserve/pay it} $4200. *We went to a restaurant 1 day
We brought a speedboat to cruise the Mississippi {instead of taking the houseboat} which was nice when going through the lock & dam

We relaxed, we soaked up the best weather, we laughed so hard, &we would 100% do it again!

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