Friday, August 5, 2022

Friday Favorites

 A few Friday Favorites...

This is probably my favorite purchase of 2022!  It's a Rocketbook.  It has like 20 sheets of REUSABLE paper!  You use special pens and it erases with water, which is super cool.  BUT, you can also take a photo of your page in the app and it will instantly email or upload your document as a PDF to the Google Drive {or wherever you set it up to}  It's been a game changer for my travel business!  So much for efficient than scanning everything for later access.  PLUS, my kids love to draw pictures on it and use it like a dry erase board. 

My mom and dad gifted each of us with a thumbprint necklace when my grandpa passed away.  I know they aren't a new thing, but it's been so special.  I highly recommend this if you're looking to spoil someone after a loss. 

CLEAR post-it notes!  Can you even believe it?  
Necessary? Nope
Worth it? Yep!

These rocks eliminate dead spots in your grass.  Just place them in your dogs water dish. SUPER helpful if you dog has a tendency of using the neighbors grass instead of your own 🙃

Summer nights!
I am going to miss these summer nights with a dozen boys playing football in the yard, spontaneous sleepovers, and no practices.

Happy Friday everyone!!

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