Monday, July 25, 2022

A few tips to pack lighter...

I always preach pack in a carry on.
For those of you that haven't done it before, it could be a little overwhelming.  Here a few tips to help you pair down when packing...

One. Lay out your outfits for each day & then try them on.  If you don't love the look at home, you probably wont on vacation either.  Only pack one outfit per day.  At the end you can add a versatile piece like a jean jacket to add a layer/change a look.

Two. Pack neutrals -- both for clothes & shoes. I like to wear tennis shoes and pack a pair of neutral sandals {or booties if it's a winter trip}.  That's it!  Don't pack clothes that you would need both black and brown shoes for.  Stay with a consistent color palette for the trip. You can add pops of color with jewelry which is small and easy to pack.

Three. Wear bulkier clothes & shoes on travel day.  If you're taking a plane, you'll probably want layers anyways. 

Four. Buy travel sizes of your favorite hair and face products {& keep them in a bag specifically for travel so it's ready to go when you're packing}

Five. If you're taking a hat, consider wearing it.  If you want to pack it, fill the hat with clothes {this is a great spot for pajamas, swimwear, under garments, & scarves} and put it upside down in you the bottom of your suitcase.  Use the surrounding space to place your rolled clothes.

Six. Skip the things you don't need -- most hotels have hairdryers that work good enough, you probably don't need your robe for a week long family vacation, I bet you can get by with 3 pair of gym shorts/tanks if you bring fresh sports bras/underwear for each session, maybe pack enough swimsuit coverups for every other day, swimsuits are easily hand-washed and air dried so you don't need a new one each day, etc.

Seven. If you're staying stateside, you're likely going to do a supplies/grocery run anyways.  Consider adding diapers, sunscreen, beach toys, etc. to your list so you don't have to use luggage space for them. 

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