Thursday, May 5, 2016

May Day 2016

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  We're going to celebrate that after work tonight, but first I wanted to share our May Day photos.  To be 100% honest, it kind of crept up on me--the whole week really, but especially May Day since it fell on a Sunday. 

My mom gave the kids each a May Day basket before we left there house on Sunday, so as soon as we got home I ran to the store and grabbed some supplies to make a few for some of our friends. I bought a few painted, potted succulents and we made similar baskets to last year.  Jordyn actually made all of the baskets this year, she was so excited!  

This was Jordyn's second year ding-dong-ditching and it's still her favorite activity.  She's been asking to ddd people every night this week! ;)

This was Cullyn's first year actually ding-dong-ditching and he was a bit more of a ding-dong-diddle-daddler ;) He was bummed that we could just hang out at each of our friends' houses!  This boy couldn't be more like this daddy #SocialButterfly

May Day

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