Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day In The Life | Work From Home Edition

I was too late for the DITL link up, but I still wanted to post this since working from home is a new thing for me.  Since we're living at the lake with a large commute, my boss has approved a temporary Work From Home day on Wednesdays.  So I drive to the office in Des Moines on Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday,  work from the lake on Wednesday, and am available by phone on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.  I will admit, not having to spend 2-3 hours in the car is definitely a highlight for the week, but I don't have any interest in working from home full time.

November 2015 | Jordyn 4 | Cullyn 2 1/2 | Murdock 7 1/2

5a | Jordyn is up.  I wish I could say she just gets up, goes to the bathroom, & crawls in bed with us at this hour, but the reality is that he's up and ready to rock at this hour.  She gets it from her mama.  This is simply because we have to wake them so early now that we have a commute, and her body is just used to it now.  So I convince her to read books while I start working, mainly responding to emails, from bed. :)  Sleeping that extra hour {I'm up by 4a on they days I have to commute to the office} is heavenly!

6a | Cullyn gets up and I stop working to get the kids ready.  Sometimes Adam takes them to my MIL, who has graciously offered to watch the kids every Wednesday while we're living at the lake, but on this day I took them in.

 7a | I run the kids into town {about 5 minutes each way} We're running ahead of schedule on this day.  

8a | I'm back home working on projects from the couch

9a | I order Adam's prescriptions 

10a | I have a conference call and two additional calls

12p | I take a break and eat lunch {leftover barbecued pulled pork} and rake the leaves in the front yard.

1p | I take my StrengthsFinder quiz and start reading the book since we're teaching it in the Physician Leadership Course I'm creating.

2p | I take 5 minutes to do the dishes.  We have no dishwasher at the lake, but surprisingly, it doesn't bother me, too much, to wash the dishes by hand. Then return more emails.

3p | I take a few minutes to shower {you're welcome that I skipped the photo!} and then work on another work project.

4p | I wrap work things up for the day and take a few minutes to paint my nails so they can dry on the way to pick up the kids.

5p | I pick the kids up and bring the clean laundry home from Grandma Joy's.  Did I mention she's also doing all of our laundry for us while we live here, since we don't have washer/dryer hookups?  {We're checking to see if it would be a possibility with our septic system} You'll also see here that on Wednesday I let the kids dress themselves.  Picking my battles is not my strongest trait, but I'm getting better! ;)
6p | We have dinner.  Sometimes we eat with my in laws {like this night}, other times they come eat with us or we just eat as a family.  This is where I forget to keep taking photos! :(

7p | Baths & play time

8p | Bed for the kids & Murdock {who has recently been sleeping with the kids for the first half of the night} I edit for a bit while watching TV with Adam.

9p | Bed for me.  This time change has been brutal on me!  Adam comes to bed much later after catching up on all.the.sports!

My favorite thing about Wednesdays {other than not having to drive!} is being able to adapt the 50 minutes of uninterrupted work {something that doesn't happen at my office} and 10 minutes of personal time for dishes, phone calls, errands, etc. Although I work less hours on Wednesdays, I actually get much more accomplished on these days.  It's nice.  However, I'm ready to get back to the office the next morning.  It's just the recharge I need for the rest of the week! :)

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