Thursday, October 8, 2015

Go Cubs Go! [+ a betting game}

Me & the Wees was {finally} supposed to go live this morning, but I have to publish this post first...

Last night, we joined 6 of our friends at Principal Park {iCubs stadium} on Line Dr. in Des Moines to watch the Chicago Cubs play in the Wild Card game.  For my Cubs obsessed husband {seriously, he has recorded, and watched, every single game since we got DVR} & friends, this was a big {BIG!} deal!  And the night could not have been more perfect...70 degrees, bright stadium lights, & surrounded by 2000 of the Cubs biggest fans.  We debated about going {we had the kids, I had a photoshoot, it was a week night, etc.} but I am so glad for this spontaneous night.

And because betting makes everything better {I'm joking! but it was super fun!}...
Every time a player strikes out put a dollar in the cup and pass the cup to the next person
Every time a player walks or hits a single, it's a push, so pass the cup without adding $1
Every time a player hits a double/triple take $1 out and pass the cup to the next person
Every time a player hits a homerun {& at the end of the game} the person holding the cup gets to take all the cash. 

See Super Bowl betting game here {which will likely be used for the World Series game should we get that far}

That beer was empty.  Our friends think it's hilarious to corrupt our children... ;)

One of my kids like Cubbie Bear significantly more than the other. ;)

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