Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A [Work]Day In The Life of us...

So, here's a sample workday for us {July 2015}.  Jordyn 3 1/2 | Cullyn 2 | Murdock 7 

10:17p | I finish watching Deadliest Catch::The Bait and tell Adam goodnight.  On my way to bed I folded a quick load of laundry and put it away before checking on the kids for the last time and hopping in bed and reading a few pages of American Wife.
Cullyn was up, again
Sometime between 11p and 3:27a, Jordyn snuck her way into our bed because of the storms, and Cullyn woke up crying/walking 3 times! Four if you count the time he got up while I was getting ready for work.  To say sleep has been a battle lately {specifically this week} would be an understatement.  
3:48a | I put Cullyn back to bed {again} and took Jordyn back to her room at the plea of Cullyn.  I make the mistake of laying back in bed until my alarm went off, which gave me just enough time to want more sleep, so I ended up hitting snooze.  Several times.  {How Adam puts up with me, I'll never know!}  I'm late, so I quickly shower, get myself ready, re-fluff the load of laundry that's in the dryer, take Murdock out, and head to work.
6a | Arrive at work.  Check voicemails.  Check my personal email.  Respond to work emails.  Finalize my schedule for the day.  Start Requesting access for new students.  Solidify and send the new student orientation schedule to the masses. Chat with a couple of coworkers.  Help a few students, undergrad observers, and residents.
9a | Check social media and see our photographer loaded sneak peeks from our session, so I save a few and throw them on Instagram.
11a | Reheat Chinese food for lunch. Unless I meet someone for lunch, I always eat at my desk.  Today I use this time to respond to client emails/messages and upload a couple of sneak peeks to facebook.  I also start this blog post so I remember what's going on! :)  I like to leave about 15 minutes to read my book, but didn't get to it today.
12p | Look at photos my MIL & SIL have text me throughout the morning of the kids at the zoo.  This definately isn't a typical day, but always a special treat when the kids are able to get out and explore.
 4:45p | Return from a meeting and start wrapping things up for the day.  Respond to messages I missed. Stop by the pharmacy to pick up vitamins for the kids.  Get home just after 5p.  Grab the mail & head inside to see how the kids' day went with our summer sitter.

5p | Get a package. It's my first ever business cards!  I've been meaning/needing to get them for months {years?} but finally took the time to do it.  I love them. :)
5:15p | Clean toilets & empty trashes.
5:30p | The kids are playing independently which happens to be happening more frequently now. Yay!  Jordyn saw me cleaning, so she's decided to clean her toy room and Cullyn is digging out the colored pencils to start coloring, so I decide to start supper.  It should definitely be noted that this is not normal...haha!  We happen to have left over pulled pork that Adam smoked last weekend, so I throw it in a pan and add barbecue sauce {fancy, I know!} But hey, at least the kids can get eating since Adam doesn't get home until around 6p most nights.
5:45p | Jordyn is being my big helper tonight, so she feeds Murdock dinner and the kids and I sit down to eat. 
6:17p | Adam gets home from work.  He changes clothes and eats a quick sandwich so we can go to the park as a family for a bit.  Adam plays a little 'football' with the kids and then we all go play on the playground before walking around the pond and heading home.  
8:17p | We run by the grocery store for a few staples {butter, milk, & yogurt}.  Adam runs in and I say in the car with the kids.
8:45p | Somehow I get no photos, but we start the nightly bedtime routine {potty, pj's, books, water, & noise machine}.  For the first time in forever {with the exception of weekends} the kids go down without a fight.  Neither child gets up for anything.  Not a bandaid, not a song, not a kiss, nothing.  It's a miracle.

9p | Adam turns on the TV to watch a recorded Cubs game and I start editing.  Since dinner was small, Adam makes popcorn for a late night snack.  I edit until 11:45 and call it a night.  Busy photography season is no joke.

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