Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Day In Our Life

April 2015 | Jordyn 3 1/2 | Cullyn 2 | Murdock 6 3/4

4a | My alarm goes off.  I got about 6 1/2 hours of sleep and only woke once when Adam came to bed.  I wake up, shower, & get ready for work.  I take Murdock outside.  On this day, I fold a quick load of laundry out of necessity {this is not the norm}.  All you micro-sorters can judge.  Again, necessity.  The towels were drenched from soaking up the water that came into our lakehouse last night and the kids didn't have any clean jeans for today, so I tossed towels & jeans {plus a random pair of Jordyn's panties that must have been caught in a pant leg} into the washer and flipped them to the dryer before bed.  I head to work and spend the next several hours catching up on what I missed Friday, returning emails and listening to voicemails.

6a | Our nanny calls in with a family medical emergency.  I promptly call Adam to discuss plan B.  This isn't the norm either, but then again, every day is different at our house these days!  Thankfully, Adam can reschedule his day, because I'm working on a big project until the end of the month, with leaves me little wiggle room.

8a | A reminder goes off reminding me that today at 8a swimming lesson sign up goes live, so I stop everything and spend the next 37 minutes refreshing the page trying to get the kids into the ideal class.  I end up calling the Parks & Rec department {about 3 minutes in} telling him that my page won't load & I keep getting errors.  He informs me over 10,000 people are on and the site has crashed.  He takes my info and will contact me later.  I finally get Cullyn into his class at 8:37, but Jordyn's class is full.  We're 3rd on the waiting list.

10a | The guy from the city parks & rec department calls me back and squeezes me into the correct class.  Praise God for him.  I know this isn't life or death, but our schedules don't allow for much at this point.

12p | I reheat pizza leftover from my picnic with the kids last week and start this blog post.  I realize why I've never blogged a DITL on a workday -- it's super boring!  Posts without my children are lame.  Plus since I'm in the medical field I'm limited to what I can actually share about my job.  I spend the next 15 minutes reading a bit from my book.  It's getting GOOD! I also make a quick phone call to the car repair shop to schedule a time to get the tires replaced on my van.

1p | I'm working again.  I spend the rest of my afternoon in a meeting with my boss working on my reaccreditation project. Showing her what I have so far.  Talking about what's left.  Asking her to review and revise.  Searching for information I need to move forward.  Exciting stuff!

3:30p | I leave work to go home.  Ideally Adam would meet me at the gym with the kids {saving me 30 minutes} but the car seats are in the sitters car, so he's trapped at home. :(

4:30p | I take a class at the gym.  It's PiYo today. I'm feeling lazy since it's a Monday, but I'm so glad I go once I get there.  I'm getting more and more into Yoga & PiYo and less interested in Kickboxing & Step.  Shockingly, I feel I get the same amount of workout {soreness}with less the pain. {win/win}

5:30p | We grab the kids, leave the gym, & head for home. We start brainstorming dinner ideas.  We haven't been good about meal planning lately, so we find ourselves clueless at dinnertime.  {note to self::we need to get back on the weekly meal planning/grocery shopping train again!}

6:30p | We eat dinner.  Thankfully it's grilling season again, so Adam did that.  Chicken for us.  Turkey dogs for the kids.  The kids get a side of fruits & veggies.  Adam takes veggies.  I opt for no side.

7:15p | Play in the toyroom for a bit.  We read books.  They write on their chalk wall and Cullyn spills Jordyn's bead making kit everywhere {twice!}.  Cullyn has recently started doing puzzles quite often, so he worked on a few of those.  Jordyn's taken interest in babies again, and is wearing one in her carrier while feeding another.  I love the state that they're at, it's getting easier {& more fun!} every day!

8p | We start putting the kids to bed.  This has been a process lately.  I'm sure the time change {& therefore extra light outside} isn't helping!  A few 'I have to go potty's and 'I need a drink's followed by a couple 'I need a book's and 'hug mama' later, and the kids are both down.  Until Cullyn sneaks out to peek on us and gets caught by Adam. It doesn't end well for him.  Why does bedtime have to take a hour?!

9p | The kids are finally sleeping.  I sneak an ice cream Snickers bar {ahh...peace!} and start responding to a few photography emails on the couch while Adam starts a few recorded shows.

10:30p | I call it a day

12:30a | Adam comes to bed

*Sorry...I started the day off by taking a decent amount of {iPhone} photos, but pretty much once I got to work it went downhill.  It seems like the story of my life these days.  Once it's warmer out, consistently, we'll make it a point to go for a walk, bike ride, trip to the park almost nightly before bed, which gives me something to take photos of--even if they are just phone photos!  

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