Thursday, January 1, 2015

Noon Year's Eve 2015

New Year's Eve was glorious.  Adam's band played.  We hired {overnight} sitters.  Dressed up.  Had dinner.  Danced & partied with friends.  Afterpartied well past the wee hours of the morning!  And the best part?  At nearly 30 {okay only 28!} I've finally learned how to go out and have a good time with little alcohol, which means no hangover & energy to obsessively snuggle the babies the next day! #Winning {Photo here}

But the real fun from New Year's Eve was spending the morning with the kids {the sitter took the day off, so this mama had to, too.  Shucks! :) } After work the day before I decided to swing by the dollar store and pick up party supplies.  So, with the exception of a few things I already had on hand {bubbles, printing/taping supplies, etc.} I ended up spending less than $10 for this 'party'.

I spent the night before printing/cutting the Happy 2015 banner & party hats.  Also, since I waited until the last minute, all of the local party stores were sold out of party poppers, so I spent a significant amount of time cutting up tissue paper & tin foil to stuff into toilet paper holders, making homemade party poppers. {sigh!}  

But…it was so worth it!  Each hour from the time they woke up we celebrated with an activity.  After I got back from my workout.

7a-We ate donuts from the local bakery with sparkler candles in them

8a-We blew bubbles outside.  It was cold enough they froze

9a-We warmed up with a glow stick bath

10a-We baked cookies

11a-We had a silly string fight on the deck & I painted Jordy's nails sparkly

Funny thing about the confetti.  5 minutes before noon, I walked into the room after helping Jordyn in the bathroom and saw that Cullyn had thrown all of the confetti all over the floor.  So much for thinking we would throw the confetti on a hard surface so it didn't make a huge mess.  Oh Cullyn!

NOON! We threw confetti, made noise, & had a Milk & Cookie toast

After all of these activities, and a very short night, we've spent most of today lounging around.  Our big achievement for the day was driving back to the condo from the lake, starting the book, 'Gone Girl', & watching 'The Equalizer' after the kids went to bed.  Why is it that it takes so much longer to recover now?  Totally worth it though!

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