Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A [Fri]day In The Life

of us!

I love doing a DITL posts because they're so fun to look back on.  Pre children my Fridays were spent cleaning the entire condo {including bedding}, running errands, & prepping for the week.  Once I had Jordyn they changed, including more kid friendly activities, now that I have to kids, we're in full 'kid mode' over here.  Of course they were different when I was on maternity leave versus working, just as summer Fridays differ from winter Fridays.  

So, here's a typical Friday for us {January 2014}.  Jordyn 39mo. | Cullyn 21mo. | Murdock 6 1/2yr. 

7a | Breakfast. While I used to get up and go to the gym {sometimes even grab groceries} before the kids get up on Fridays, I just can't do it anymore!  It started this fall when I was slammed with photo sessions and my body just needed a few more hours to rest and continued now that so freaking cold in Iowa!

Our current routine is for Jordy to hop into bed with us when she wakes.  Then when Cully gets up {about 6:45a} we bring him in and call Murdock up, and we all snuggle for about 15 minutes.  Then Adam gets up to shower & get ready for work, and I get the kids breakfast and get them together for the day.  Lately it's been homemade, frozen pancakes & a banana.  Two scoops of dogfood for Murd! :)  I also start laundry & dishes at this time.

8:30a | Preschool drop off. Yep, Adam gets himself, the kids, & the dog ready in under 45 minutes Monday through Thursday, but it takes me every second of that 90 minutes to get us out the door.  Something I never want to forget, every week when we drop Jordyn off, Cully says 'Sissy?' on repeat for the first 5 minutes.  He loves her so much!

8:45a | Gym. I love that this 90 minute preschool window isn't good for much else.  It makes me go to the gym.  I've had a serious lack of motivation lately, so this is good for me! [I forgot to take a photo!]

10:00a | Preschool pick up. One of the highlights of my Fridays!  I love having her run to me and tell me all about her morning!  She is so excited and that makes my heart explode! :)  I also love that the second we pull into the drive, Cully starts asking for 'sissy' melt my heart!

10:15a | Morning snack & Play. Since it's been so cold this past week, I've been trying to run an errand each night, before I pick the kids up from daycare so we're able to spend our Friday mornings all warm & cuddly inside.  The kids have been on a fruit kick lately, so They had banana & apple slices with peanut butter for a snack.
Technically Cully's Christmas gift, but Jordyn plays with it as much as he does. :)
One of her favorite toys from Christmas.  Photobomb::Murdock's Tail :)
Her reaction to Cullyn climbing on the table to 'pay wif her' :)  Yes, he's destructive!

Noon | Lunch & Chores. I make the kids lunch.  Usually something really fancy like grilled ham & cheese sandwich, macaroni & cheese, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, or hot dogs.  Sadly, that's about the limit on my cooking skills. :( But!  I do pair it with fruits, veggies, & yogurt since those are my kids favorites {they aren't much of main course eaters!}

Once they're eating, I flip laundry, unload & reload the dishwasher, & set their clothes out for the next week. Also, if we're going to the lake, I start packing {the kids' stuff} at this time.

1p | Naptime & Catch Up Time. I lay the kids down.  Usually Cullyn in his crib & Jordyn {& Murdock} in my bed.  Unless I still need to pack myself for the the lake, then I have J sleep in her own bed, but she really thinks it's a treat, so I usually let her sleep on mine.  It's truly the little things! :)

Once they're down {which isn't ever an issue} I flip laundry again {does it ever end?!}, make myself a sandwich, edit photos, catch up {listen} to anything I have recorded {usually Parenthood} or a book, & tackle mail/bills.  Oh, and shower if I haven't yet!  Your welcome for no photo of that!!!

2p | Cully's Up! Cullyn sleeps 60 minutes {and rarely more than that for an afternoon nap}.  Once he's up a give him a small snack & cuddle for about 30 minutes {he is my cuddler!}  Then I encourage him to play quietly in the playroom until Jordyn get's up.

3p | Jurdyn's Up! Jordyn takes longer to wind down and fall asleep, so she usually sleeps until 3.  She gets a small snack & they usually play in the living room {or family room as Jordyn calls it}

4p | Play! About this time they start asking for Daddy and getting a little antsy, so I really focus them.  We get out 'special toys' {that need more adult supervision} or build forts.  Sometimes we read books in the teepee. Our newest thing {since Christmas}...Jordyn loves to give Cullyn and me makeovers. :)

6p | Daddy's Home! Adam gets about 3 minutes to change clothes and then it's time to snuggle with the kids.  After that, things get significantly louder!

Adam makes dinner {although it's one of my 2015 goals to make dinner one night a week, so Friday is the most likely day for that} and the kids play more.  Catch.  Vacuuming.  Band.  Dress Up.  Books.  You name it!  Then we eat dinner, give baths, and start the bedtime routine.  Unless we're headed to the lake of course. Then it's a bit of a free for all!  :)
His 'catch' stance! :)
Always 'textin' on her play {fake} phone!  :)

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