Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day Baskets

I swear we did May Day baskets last year, but I can't find a post about them. :(

Anyways Mayday baskets are one of my favorite memories as a child.  We would run home from school, make a bunch of mayday baskets, and then my mom would spend the evening driving us around from house to house so we could jump out of the up the the front the basket on the ground...ring the doorbell & run away as fast as we could.

It was all fun and games until one year when I went to my friend Jena's house {we always used the door inside the garage, I was young so I think I just assumed this was their only door?!} and accidentally pushed the button to close the garage door instead of ring the doorbell....good times!

[Popcorn Puff, Mustard Pretzels, Yogurt covered Cranberries, Cherry covered Raisins, Mini M&Ms, & Gummy Worms]
Anyways…we don't really have neighbors with kids, so we just give to daycare friends and our friends' kids.

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