Thursday, March 6, 2014

A {Fri}day in our life...

I haven't done a day in the life post since before Cullyn was born, so I thought I would capture another one of our 'normal' Friday's.

5a I run to the gym for a quick workout before the kids are up and Adam has to leave for work
6a Jordy's Up!
She doesn't really sleep in the crib, she was just being silly
7a Cullyn's Up!
8a Breakfast for all
Usually eggs or pancakes
*On this day we ran to Target because we needed diapers and formula--oh and a snack for Jordyn {tell me my kid isn't the only one that eats her way through the store!}, but normally this time is filled with any appointments {doctor, dentist, vet, etc} or errands we have to run {grocery store, pharmacy, shopping, post office, etc.}

9a Target Run
Or the grocery store, or pharmacy, or an appointment, etc. 
10a Schooltime {lately we've been working on colors--We focus on one color each week, this was obviously red week}
On this day we were learning about the color red. :)
11a Lunchtime
12p Cullyn's Bottle
1p Nap
A rare afternoon where all three kids were sleeping in the nursery at the same time  
2p Jordyn's Up {we're lucky to get an hour nap from her}
3p Snack

*On this day we stayed home.  Normally, I like to get out of the house between nap time and when daddy gets home {this is by far our longest time of the day!}.  In the summer we live at the park, but lately we've been hitting up indoor play areas in the area.  If I'm exceptionally desperate, we will go to the gym for a bit! :)

4p Color {Jordyn is OBSESSED!}
5p Play 
6p Daddy's Home
We're all so excited about this, even Murdock wakes up for a bit! :)
7p Friend's House
8p Bedtime

Of course I also do fun stuff like laundry, dishes, & cleaning all day…

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