Friday, February 25, 2022

Friday Favorites

My New Wall! {not yet finished}

Having a friend come cook your family dinner after a rough day. 

A wintery hike with Cullyn & Lola {J was at dance}

A paper that came home from school listing Cullyn's 5 Favorite Movies & Why.  In case you're curious {explanations have been shortened}...
1. Here Comes the Boom {b/c it shows to never give up & it has a moral to the story}
2. Hometeam {b/cit's funny and I like football}
3. The Blind Side {b/c it's funny and about football and it's appropriate}
4. American Underdog {b/c it's about football and a true story and it features a disabled kid}
5. Safety {b/c it's a football movie and it's 'trew' & I like the characters}

Pre skiing breakfast ritual | Casey's breakfast pizza for Cullyn & HyVee donuts for Jordyn {& me} #Midwest

& bringing the kids to work with me when they get a last minute 4 day weekend :)

Happy Friday everyone!!

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