Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Although I'm not Catholic, I thought I would give something up for lent this year.  You know, just because I would have an excuse to better myself.  I was going to do something food related [chocolate, pop, etc.], but clearly I already have had to give up carbs and sugars [read: chocolate and pop] so I felt like that was kind of cheating.

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit what I've decided to give up, because to be completely honest I should even be doing it anyways.  But really, this is all about improving myself for the better, right?

So don't judge, but I'm going to give up swearing for lent.  Yep, like saying bad words {including frick which is a real problem because I never feel like it's swearing even though we all know that it really is}.  Classy, right?

So, if you're an IRL hold me accountable!  :)

>>Share what you're giving up for lent this year<<

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